Taking clean energy to Africa’s poor

Even though clean energy such as solar and biogas have been with us for decades now, the adoption of these technologies by poor communities in Africa and other third world countries have been poor due to what enviromentalist say is huge instalation costs involved. However Ecofinder – Kenya, an NGO that promotes enviromental entrepreneurship is seeking to reverse this trend by promoting the adoption of affordable clean energy in the East African countries of Kenya and Uganda. Mr. Leonard Akwany, the organization’s coordinator expressed concern that “the poor people in Africa’s villages were being ignored in the fight against environmental conservation yet they play a huge role in deforestation when they cut down trees for firewood and charcoal”. He added that “it is this population that also uses kerosene to cook and light their homes” Mr. Akwany was adressing participants at an environmental workshop held at Kajulu village in Kisumu, Kenya. The workshop was put together by Ecofinder – Kenya in collaboration with Small Solutions – Germany and Joint Energy and Environment Projects (JEEP, Uganda). The three day workshop trained participants from three villages in Kisumu on benefits or renewable energy, how to construct, maintain and feed a simle and affordable floating drum biogas digester. The three organizations are seeking to empower the villagers to install it in their homes and reduce the pressure they cause on the environment through deforestation and the use of kerosene in cooking and lighting their homes. The unit which comprise of an alluminium digester made out of 210 litres used oil drums and a 100 litre plastic drum gas tank only costs $130 to instal. such a unit can last upto 25 years with minimum maintainance costs which mainly comprise of feeding the digester with biomas and ocassional painting of the alluminium digester to prevent it from rusting. The villagers attending the workshop that ended today were greatful to the organizers of the event for giving them a chance to learn how to construct their own digesters especially with the current high liquified petroleum gas (LPG) prices in the region. Speaking on their behalf Richard Ojijo said that they “will be able to save more money as they will not need to spend a lot of money every month to buy wood fuel or kerosene”. The organizers of the event who are also promoting solar lamps and energy saving stoves intend to roll out the programme to other remote areas of East Africa. Caroline Achieng’, the Programmes Manager at Ecofinder, Kenya says that they will be moving to Tororo Uganda and Teso district in Kenya to promote alternative sources of clean energy. She said that the poor households conribute so much to the emission of greenhouse gases and it is high time that they were also targeted by the war to combat global warming through promotion of affordable clean energy.


No Star at ALL STAR

Well I did not intend to write anything about the so much hyped event that premiered on my telly yesterday evening untill I saw an adver today on Citizen TV that said, “Due to public demand, we will be airing a repeat of yesterday’s Tusker All Stars Premier”.

The first thing that went through my mind was which public were they talking about coz going by the comments on their official facebook and tweeter pages, the show was nothing but a big flopp.

Now don’t call me a hater coz I don’t have time to hate but to say the naked truth the show was lacking in many ways. I did not see the usual energy that contestants brought to the show all we had were average perfomances with nothing to take my breath and keep me wanting more from Davis like he did back in TPF 4.

Performances aside I expected some drama, the kind of stuff that Judge Ian Mbugua brought to the show clashing with contestants, judges and even presenters. Now you might already be acusing me of being stuck in the past but just give me time to explain myself.

Don’t get me wrong; I am a firm believer in change. They say change is like rest but that is only when the change brings with it refreshment. It might have been a good idea to leave out Ian, the faculty and change the presenters but they should have atleast given us something more interesting.

I expected Hemedi Suleiman to be among the eight because of the comedy he brought to TPF2 or is it TPF3? I expected him to bring that back to  All Stars and maybe coz he’s matured elevate it to new levels but the only semblence to comedy that I saw on my TV yesterday evening were two clowns sitting on a couch and sharing a bottle of Tusker.

Now I don’t understand how EABL could not afford another bottle of TUSKER. I mean they own beer and there were several bottles at the bar where Eve was interviewing the “stasr” unless those were empty bottles. Even if Joey was not a partaker of “earthly things”they should have got her something like Alvaro or Water as they did in the Academy.

At some point I stopped watching the show and started surfing the net coz there was nothing really exciting about the show. I dint see the glamour that comes with stardom. There is still time to perfect the show and they can add a few things and loose some – like the irrelevant couch guys.

My verdict: Needs More Work

PS: I am publishing this piece 15 minutes to the re-run

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